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The boxes have been looking great all summer.
- Rima, W8, 16.8.14

The window boxes have been AMAZING!
- Tessa, SW7, 15.8.14

Thank you. Window boxes look lovely.
- Sharon, N6, 8.8.14

Great job, thanks.
- Neil, N1, 31.7.14

Thank you so much again to you and John for the lovely work. I've no doubt I'll be in touch again later in the year.
- Rosanna, N5, 18.7.14

Thank you so much for the fabulous window boxes!
- Lulu, SE11, 10.7.14

The hanging baskets look absolutely lovely.
- Rosanna, N5, 2.7.14

The garden looks great!
- Sharon, N1, 27.6.14

I love the plants. So do the kids. We've eaten 8 strawberries already.
- Michelle, E14, 23.6.14

Thank you, we really love the colours!
- Suzanne, SW8, 22.6.14

Many thanks again for your transformative work last Friday.
- Darrell, EC1, 18.6.14

Thank you again, it all looks beautiful!
- Josette, SW6, 15.6.14

Many thanks for the window box – it looks lovely.
- Katherine, SW7, 10.6.14

Love them!
- Rosemary, W2, 3.6.14

I am delighted with the results!
- Patricia, EC1, 30.5.14

The (fake displays) look lovely! Thanks Saroj.
- Fasih, W1, 24.5.14

We are so happy with the terrace! It is looking great and so easy to look after.
- Charlotte, SW5, 23.5.14

The window boxes look lovely, thank you so much.
- Margaret, WC1, 22.5.14

Thank you, the garden looks great. I love the herb pot, its brilliant!
- Rosie, N1, 21.5.14

The winter planting was truly amazing - everyone who came to the flat commented on how stylish the whole scheme looked.
- Simon, TW8, 18.5.14

The window box plantings have been great over the winter.
- Margaret, WC1, 14.5.14

Many thanks - the window boxes look beautiful! We are very pleased.
- Rima, Sw7, 7.5.14

Many thanks Saroj, it looks lovely.
- Ingrid, N1, 6.5.14

Many Thanks for your prompt work.
- Clare, SW1, 5.5.14

This all looks so beautiful! I am glad we did this! Many thanks Saroj.
- Marius, 24.4.14

Many thanks - great service.
- Ruth, SW3, 23.4.14

Thanks Saroj – they look very pretty and spring-like.
- SW1, 16.4.14

The window boxes have been lovely.
- Barbara, W6, 16.4.14

Thanks, Saroj, it looks wonderful!
- Sarah, N1, 31.3.14

Thanks so much for your work last week! The (fake) boxes look fantastic; I'm really thrilled with them. I have given you a Twitter recommendation.
- Melanie, NW8, 25.3.14

The boxes look absolutely beautiful in the morning light…they make me smile as I look at them. Thanks ever so much, they are perfect, exactly what I wanted…if you need a reference for future customers, please let me know, I'd be more than happy to provide.
- Csilla, WC1, 23.3.14

Thank you very much - I love the window boxes.
- Lynne, SW7, 21.3.14

The window boxes look great.
- Barbara, W6, 15.2.14

You have been absolutely amazing and very professional. I am very very happy with the service.
- Ambika, EC1, 18.1.14

Thanks for being so efficient.
- Rhiannon, W1, 15.1.14

They’re beautiful – thank you.
- Jennifer, Kensington SW3, 4.12.13

Thank you. They're gorgeous!
- Rebecca, Kensington SW1, 29.11.13

Many thanks it all looks lovely, and I am very pleased indeed with the pots downstairs and the colour in the back garden.
- Caroline, SE11, 25.11.13

The (fake display) window boxes look fantastic!
- Ian, IJS Developments Ltd, W8, 22.11.13

I love the window boxes at Clifton Villas. Thank you so much.
Many thanks.

- Yvonne, Paddington W9, 14.11.13

The planting looks lovely.
- Margaret, WC1, 24.10.13

Thanks (for the fake window box planting) Saroj…. Looks great….
- Theresa, Queensway W2, 16.10.13

Thanks so much (for the Autumn displays) Saroj,
They're fantastic.

- Harris, W14, 7.10.13

The window boxes look great: I'm really pleased with them.
- Saira, W5, 4.10.13

The terrace looks lovely.
- Fiona, SW3, 2.10.13

Many thanks - I always forget how great the garden looks when it's been tidied up.
- Kathy, Islington, 2.9.13

Thank you again for today - great job!
- Adrienne, Chelsea, 24.8.13

I think these window box displays are the best ever down at the Mews.
- Stuart, Kensington, 17.8.13

Thank you so much, the terrace looks great, we are both really pleased with it.
- Fiona, Islington, 15.7.13

Many thanks. Window boxes look great!
- Lulu, Kensington, 11.7.13

The window box looks great - many thanks!
- The walkers, Fulham, 10.7.13

Thanks for everything – we are thrilled with the results.
- Punam, Kensington, 9.7.13

Thank you - it looks absolutely stunning!
- Simon, Brentford, 22.6.13

Thank you for yesterday - lavenders look lovely!
- Sarah, Barnsbury, 20.6.13

All looks great, thanks.
- Valerie, Barbican, 19.6.13

Mark was delighted with the window boxes and I love them. They make such a difference to the flat.
- Petra, Barbican, 18.6.13

Looks amazing – thank you.
- Fiona Barrett Interiors, Kensington, 17.6.13

Thanks very much indeed the boxes and garden all look lovely – thank you.
- Caroline, Kennington, 6.6.13

Thanks for coming Saroj. The flowers look excellent.
- Sam and Simone, Westminster, 30.5.13

Thanks to you and John for your great work.
- Darrell, Barbican, 29.5.13

Thank you, it all looks splendid. I love the colours and several of the flowers I wouldn't have thought of planting in pots!
- Mischa, Stoke Newington, 22.5.13

The garden looks fantastic, thank you!
- Josette, Kensington, 21.5.13

The balcony, as always, looks fab, thank you.
- Lisa, Islington, 20.5.13

Thanks Saroj, you did a great job with the garden and window boxes.
- Ingrid, Islington, 19.5.13

Had a fab display all spring - never seen daffs last so long.
- Valerie, Barbican, 18.5.13

Thanks SO much – the boxes look fabulous!
- Suzanne, Kennington, 17.5.13

Many thanks Saroj – really appreciate the great work.
- Stuart, Chelsea, 15.4.13

The fake display has just arrived - thank you very much I am delighted.
- Maria, Kent, 4.4.13

Many thanks again for the terrace, really happy with it.
- Charlotte, Battersea, 18.3.13

Many thanks - the window box is lovely and thanks for the tips.
- Rebecca and Richard, Chelsea, 12. 1. 13

The window boxes look great.
- Sam, Islington, 11.1.13

A great help and lots of nice ideas. Thank you very much!
I am glad I found you.

- Barbara, Hammersmith, 8. 1. 13

Thanks again the boxes look great!
- Josette, Chelsea, 21.11.12

The window boxes, pots and the garden all look sensational.
- Caroline, Holborn, 20.11.12

Thanks again for all your help with the window boxes. I was down there on the weekend and they just look great.
- Jon, Kensington, 12.11.12

They look great - thanks for doing them so quickly and sending the photos!
- Alison, City, 12.11.12

The boxes are lovely.
- Denise, Chelsea, 1.11.12

Thank you. This is the best investment I have ever made. It's making me feel really happy. I'm really inspired.
- Rachel, Canonbury, 16.10.12

We love the garden - thank you!
- Karen, Islington, 12.10.12

I have LOVED my window boxes all summer.
- Denise, Battersea, 11.10.12

I am so amazingly pleased with how it looks! Thank you so much for all the hard work.
- Rachel, Highbury, 14.9.12

Thanks for making the place look great once again.
- Ivor, De Beauvoir, 8.9.12

Thanks again for a great service.
- J., Notting Hill, 3.9.12

Thanks Saroj, great job. I will recommend you.
- James, Kensington, 5.8.12

Many thanks for the window box – it looks great!
- Katherine, Hammersmith, 24.7.12

Delighted with the boxes!
- Fiona G, Notting Hill, 28.6.12

I was away last week – garden looking lovely, thanks.
- Francesca, Canonbury, 26.6.12

Many thanks - the window boxes look very smart.
- Campbell, Barbican, 19.6.12

Thanks Saroj. As usual it looks amazing!
- Jenni, Highbury, 18.6.12

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how lovely the window boxes looked. Thanks again for turning it around so quickly, they make such a nice addition.
- Lizzie, Kensington, 13.6.12

Thanks for being so reliable.
I am delighted with it all.

- Katie, 1.6.12

The window boxes have made such a difference, thank you.
- Lynn, 29.5.12

Thank you so much for our lovely window boxes.
- Pat, 23.5.12

Dear Saroj – thank you for the (fake) window boxes – they are genius!
- Fee, 21.5.12

Thank you.
They look wonderful. Will be in touch for more.

- Natasha, 27.4.12

Dear Saroj – many thanks for doing the window boxes which look lovely.
- Michael, 27.4.12

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful window boxes. I not only adore your work, but my husband does too! Absolutely divine.
- Angelique, 23.4.12

Window box looks gorgeous – thank you so much!
- Katie, 4.4.2012

Thanks Saroj, it looks great.
- Ingrid, 29.3.2012

Balcony looks lovely again!
- Sheila, 22.3.12

Thanks very much. They look great!
- Hamish, 20.3.2012

Thank you so much for your timely and professional work.
What an absolute pleasure it was working with you!

- Linda, 22.2.2012

I love the balcony all over again. Thank you.
- Lisa, 7.9.2011

Thanks to you and John for all your work on Monday - the place always looks better after one of your visits.
- Ivor, 6.9.2011

The box looks great!
- Stella, 1.9.2011

I'm very impressed with the work – many thanks and will definitely use you again!
- Ingrid, 24.8.2011

Thank you! The garden is looking wonderful!
- Sarah, 17.7.2011

Thank you Saroj. The garden looks fantastic.
- Jo, 15.7.2011

Balcony looks great.
- Peter, 11.7.2011

Thanks for the potting, we're really pleased, looks great.
- Alex, 6.7.2011

It looks really great! Many thanks.
- Wendy, 2.7.2011

Boxes are doing great.
- Britta, 22.6.2011

Thanks so much, particularly for the window boxes which look amazing.
- Sarah, 7.6.2011

Thanks Saroj - they look absolutely great and the lavender smells lovely.
- Rosanna, 3.6.2011

Garden looks absolutely lovely. Thank you so much.
- Sue, 1.6.2011

Thanks to you and John for such great work on Friday.
- Darrell, 24.5.2011

As ever everything looks amazing. See you in the autumn!

- Simon, 24.5.2011

I absolutely love it. Thank you very much.
- Lisa, 17.5.2011

My window boxes are lovely - thank you.
- Sharon, 7.4.2011

Many thanks, I love the new look garden and the herbs.
- Kathy, 23.3.2011

The garden looks gorgeous - really great. The bay tree at the front looks so beautiful
- Sarah, 8.3.2011

I love the window boxes - both the flower arrangement and the pots. Perfect.
- Nathalie, 3.3.2011

The balls look brilliant – very lifelike! Thank you very much for doing them so well.
I'm sure we'll use you for future projects.
- Henrietta, 23.2.2011

The baskets look great.
Many thanks for all your excellent work over the last few years.
If you ever need a reference/recommendation please give me a call. I would be pleased to do whatever is needed.

- Peter T, 19.1.2011

The boxes and pots look absolutely wonderful, much better than I was expecting and I was expecting something pretty good!! Thank you so much
- Julia, 9.6.2010

Thanks, garden looks lovely
- Mike, 4.6.2010

Many thanks once again for making the place look great. It has made a huge difference and I am only sorry I did not get in touch a month or two earlier
- Ivor, 4.6.2010

Garden looks great by the way!
- Karen, 23.5.2010

It's been such a pleasure raising my blinds the last two mornings and seeing my wonderful new window boxes - thanks very much to you and John for transforming a bleak exterior into a very attractive one!
- Lynn, 29.4.2010

John and you have done a fabulous job. Am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much. I am very happy indeed.
- Ambika, 18.4.2010

Your window boxes look great.
- James, 15.4.2010

Thank you so much for everything - you have made Cathy very very happy!!
- Ed, 25.3.10

Thank-you so much, it looks lovely (especially with the beautifully stained decking)!! Thanks hugely for all your years of care - is there any where I can post a testimonial?
- Catherine, 22.3.10

Really happy with the garden
- Claire, 11.3.10

Thank you for the lovely job you did in the garden. Everything is now growing and looks great, window boxes are wonderful too!
- Sue, 28.6.09

Thanks Saroj, and thank you for excellent service. All my friends have been admiring your handy work!
- Ben, 26.8.2008

Love the garden, especially the bottom area, it's never looked so lovely.
- Catherine, 11.8.2008

Great job in the garden.
- Brian, 7.8.2008

Just wanted to say thank you for a very professional job. Responsive, on time, tidy, pleasant - really too much to expect from your gardening consultant - you've got it all. Very much appreciate the fast turn around. I feel like I am in good hands now.

- Olga, 18.6.2008

Thanks SO much for getting on with the Weymouth street job yesterday, I was so busy! It was wondrous to come home to.
- Pauline, 9.7.2008

Thanks so much - it is looking wonderful - I am so happy/pleased you are looking after the garden for me, my assignment here has been extended for a further 2 years - so I hope you are keen to continue caring for the garden for this time!!!
- Catherine, 22.4.2008

Thank you so much. Looks lovely. Could we do the balcony when you come next?
- Anon, 6.2.2008

Thanks for keeping the garden looking so amazing.
- Catherine, 2.11.2007

Saroj, you are totally fab. I see our relationship as a long term one... if I don't sell now, but rent, I definitely need your services again. You are really wonderful. Thank you.
- Giselle, 24.10.2007

"Thanks Saroj... I am absolutely delighted with the boxes they look beautiful!"
- Pauline, 3.10.2007

The garden looks lovely thank you.
- Virginia, 26.9.2007

Thanks saroj. Great job as usual.
- Martha, 26.8.2007

Thanks very much for your efforts last week. We really love the way the garden is looking. Both the window box in the kitchen and the old bay tree pot look great. I have also spotted a couple of tomatoes on the tomato plants - I am looking forward to the harvest! Thanks again.
- Phillip, 30.7.2007

They all look pretty great. Thanks again, you're a star!
- Giselle, 28.7.2007

I just wanted to tell you that the window boxes look great.
- Steph, 18.6.2007

It all looks lovely.
- Pat, 18.5.2007

Thanks for doing a fantastic job, really looks good.
- Francesca, 1.5.2007

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