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White Peaks

They (window boxes) look lovely!
- Jane, W2, 30.3.16

Thanks Saroj & John - we really like the new trees and herbs - you did a great job for us.
- Dermot, SE11, 29.3.16

Thank you for the window boxes – they are lovely.
- Elizabeth, SW3, 13.3.16

Your wonderful window box was rather too good and lasted all winter!
- Tom, N1, 12.3.16

I love the boxes they look fabulous. Am thrilled.
- Emma, SW6, 6.2.16

The window boxes look beautiful!
- Jess, NW3, 16.1.16

It all looks great!!!!
- Angela, SW1, 15.1.16

We're thrilled (with the artificial window box displays) thank you so much for doing such a great job.
- Pippa, SW7, 14.1.16

Many thanks, Saroj – the terrace looks great!
- Rosanna, N5, 2.1.16

Great colours! Thanks v much.
- Deborah, NW3, 17.12.15

Thank you Saroj - they (artificial window box displays) look beautiful. Very happy.
- Aisling, N5, 30.10.15

We love the window boxes, thank you!
- Cecily, SW3, 28.9.15

Thank you- the fake displays look fab.
- Alix, W9, 17.9.15

Thank you (and John) for our lovely window boxes which we are delighted with.
- Wendy, SW1, 10.9.15

Thanks Saroj, fake balls look great and already getting comments!
- Alix, W9, 9.9.15

Thanks Saroj, the garden looks great.
- Paddy, N1, 19.8.15

The garden looks great.
- Brian, N1, 13.8.15

Happy - thank you for the (artificial) plants you delivered to Wilton Place.
- Susan, SW1, 12.8.15

The terrace has looked so nice all summer - everyone's been commenting on it - thank you v much for all your work.
- Rosanna, N5, 12.8.15

Thanks so much for another fab job! (artificial displays)
- Suzanne, SE11, 16.7.15

The garden is looking fantastic (as always!)
- Fiona, N1, 12.6.15

Thank you for all your beautiful work! Window boxes look fantastic!!
- Cecily, SW3, 30.5.15

Thank you for the beautiful new flowers - the terrace looks really lovely.
- Rosanna, N5, 16.5.15

Many thanks to you and John for sorting out the terrace, as usual looks great following your visit.
- Charlotte, SW5, 12.5.15

Thanks for our beautiful window boxes.
- Rima, W6, 6.5.15







Urban evergreens (cordyline, lollipop privet, aucuba)





Secluded garden (bamboo, bay, clematis)

I am really happy with the window boxes!
- Carmen, SW3, 30.4.15

The displays you did for winter were terrific.
- Barbara, W6, 28.4.15

They look great as always.
- Lowri, N1, 27.4.15

Window boxes look great; thank you.
- Sharon, N6, 24.4.15

They (fake hedges) are lovely.
- Leo, SW1, 20.4.15

Thank you so much for the amazing plants and pots - everything looks fabulous.
- Megan, SW6, 15.4.15

The (fake) window boxes look great!
- Rohani, WC1, 5.4.15

Thank you for sending pictures. They (fake displays) look great! Many thanks.
- Serena (Carol Bennett Designed Interiors Ltd), W1, 24.3.15

Looks lovely.
- Rhiannon, W1, 13.3.15

Looks lovely! Thanks for the pictures.
- Shelley, WC1, 10.3.15

Many thanks for fitting the (fake) window boxes yesterday - I'm delighted with them!
- Niamh, N1, 4.1.15

I love it (fake display)! Thank you! No more dying plants!
- Tara, SW8, 27.11.14

Many thanks for coming and waving your magic wand on the terrace again, it is really looking great after your visit.
- Charlotte, SW5, 11.11.14

Thank you so much for your wonderful work - the window box looks absolutely fantastic.
- Tristan, W1, 8.11.14

The window boxes are beautiful as always.
- Lowri, N1, 6.11.14

Absolutely perfect – thank you so much!!
- Pam, W1, 6.11.14

It looks really lovely - thank you very much. Those trailing geraniums at the front just keep on going!
- Rosanna, N5, 30.10.14

Thrilled (with the fake displays)!
- Lucy, EC2, 22.10.14

Thanks so much for your time and for doing such a great job – they’re brilliant!!
- Pip, SW9, 2.10.14

Thanks very much for the window box - it looks great and has certainly cheered up my view from the inside out to the front of the house!
- Niamh, N5, 19.9.14

I'm thrilled!
Very very happy with new plantings, love this look.

- Tessa, SW7, 3.9.14

Many thanks for planting such beautiful flowers!
- Rimi, W8, 26.8.14

The fake displays look great thank you Saroj!
- Megan, WC2, 19.8.14





Lavender Blue (viola & lavender)





Fake reality (artificial buxus balls)

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